The Fat Gladiator is a unique investment club that tracks the worlds most powerful business trends and identifies the companies and asset classes most likely to profit from them.



The Fat Gladiator – Exceptional investment ideas, simply explained. Our investment club was founded with three simple goals:


1) Educate and inform – Our members have a thirst for knowledge in a rapidly changing world.


2) Gain superior economic returns – Our highly digestible thematic approach to public and private markets has already delivered superior market returns.


3) Social impact – We remain dedicated to leveraging our community by creating social value for a broad range of causes.

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  • A proprietary investment edge

    We utilise a combination of software, Ai, search algorithms and specialist human curators to highlight and track powerful investable trends.

  • Thematic investment ideas

    We highlight powerful secular trends from which investors are likely to profit over the long term. Then we clearly identify companies and asset classes that might benefit.

  • The power of collective intelligence

    Access to an exceptional group of a cognitively diverse community who bring both shared values and a unique breadth of industry experience to the club.

  • A new standard of investment presentation

    We invest heavily in world-class speakers and the production of creative videos to clearly explain the full power of the stocks and trends we recommend.

  • Social Impact

    The club’s social impact programme has raised over £125k for good causes in its first full year with over 90 graduates students attending our free environmental and financial training programme.

Our performance table

Since inception, our unique blend of proprietary trend identification, collective intelligence and focus upon quality not quantity, has generated powerful returns.

Stock A
Date of Rec
17th Dec 2020
Performance +/-
Stock B
Date of Rec
14th Nov 2020
Performance +/-
Stock C
Date of Rec
2nd Oct 2020
Performance +/-
Stock D
Date of Rec
21st Aug 2020
Performance +/-
Stock E
Date of Rec
17th July 2020
Performance +/-
Stock F
Date of Rec
5th June 2020
Performance +/-

A Fat Gladiator Success Story

The drive to decarbonise city centres has led to a boom in cycling that should have been obvious to all and pre-dates the pandemic, but who wins?

Watch the 60 second video to find out.

what people think

  • Daniel Levy, Chairman
    Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
    I found the Fat Gladiator Investment club to be a creative, informed and powerful forum in which to discuss the future of Football.
  • Mark Lewis
    Head of sustainable research BNPP AM, Asset Manager
    The Fat Gladiators’ unique trend tracking capability has highlighted some incredible investment opportunities in a world where there is often too much noise and complexity.
  • Adam Jonas
    Morgan Stanley, Investment Analyst
    Presenting to the Fat Gladiator investment club was a fun-packed 90 minutes and the quality of questioning blew me away
  • Will Campion
    The Money Maze, Capital Raiser
    Nick is my close pal of over 25 years and without doubt the person I learnt the most from in helping my city career and in developing the art and skill of being a broker.
  • John Green
    Former founding partner of GLG, Private Investor
    I find the club’s ability to identify and simplify complex trends a very helpful tool in my investment process.
  • David Yarrow
    Professional Photographer, Private Investor
    I have been lucky enough to know Nick for 32 years and I have learnt from his desire to embrace change and disrupt. The Fat Gladiator approach to investing again shows his reluctance to stand still. I can only see an upside from being involved.
  • David Sable, Private Investor
    Thanks for the last club meeting. I’ve been trying on and off for some time to figure out how to get involved in space travel, satellites and mining, perhaps the greatest gold rush of all time...
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