Blade Air Mobility
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  • Rob Wiesenthal
    Rob Wiesenthal Blade, CEO
  • Will Heyburn
    Will Heyburn Blade, CFO
Is it Time for Lift Off?

Urban air mobility (UAM) and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) is a long term investment theme that may take many years come to maturity.

However, Blade is a major player which, unusually for the sector, is profitable and is sat on a large cash pile which it is ready to deploy as a landgrab of inner-city hubs is underway.

Join us as the CEO, Rob Wiesenthal, walks us through why inner-city transport will be unrecognisable in two decades time and how Blade is well positioned to lead the space.

A ~30% pull back in the stock since we first explored the company may now warrant another look.

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