Cell Cultured Pet Food

Cell Cultured Pet Food
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£3m raise
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May 31, 2022

  • 2022-gdf
    Owen Ensor Good Dog Food, CEO
Good Dog Food

Brought to us by a Gladiator, this cell cultured pet food start-up is a JV between a club buy recommendation, Agronomics, and Roslin Technologies, the protein production biotech research house spun out of The University of Edinburgh.

Good Dog Food plan to take 3% of the 2026, £17bn forecast premium dog and cat food market; totaling £500mn. With 80% of pet food manufacturers already indicating interest in cell cultured solutions, the demand is already there, but there is currently no supply!

  •  Estimated 2026 TAM: £120bn
  • 20% of meat and fish globally is used as pet food
  • 71% of owners want to feed sustainable meals to their dogs
  • Good Dog Food have an exclusive license to use Roslin Technologies’ industry leading cell lines
  • No other company in the UK is yet to move into this space

Hear from “the horse’s mouth?”, Owen Ensor, CEO, in 60 seconds below:

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