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May 16, 2022 | 14:00 GMT

  • 2022-mirriad
    Stephen Beringer Mirriad, CEO
Disruptive Advertising in the streaming wars

Mirriad is able to product place adverts and objects in any film or video post-production.

Mirriad’s problem has always been monetisation. However, it seems a corner might be being turned with the announcement that its technology reached a 39% increased audience, equating to 130 million impressions over the period. It’s statistics like this that will make big brand partners sit up and take note.

With Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Disney and Hulu all competiting for attention, and all with a huge backcatalog of content it intuitively makes sense that in order to continue to fund/subsidise their content war they are going to have to sweat their existing assets and Mirriad has the first mover advantage.

We look forward to catching up with Stephen to determine whether this is the start of a promising turnaround story.

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