Regenerative Agriculture

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£3m raise
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Jun 27, 2022 | 17:00 BST

  • bx-earth-2022
    Ben Bardsley Bx, Founder/CEO
Paid to Protect the Planet

Bx intends to enable food producers globally to be part of the climate crisis solution.

Retailers currently price producers based on their scores on:

  • delivery
  • quality
  • cost

Bx wants to also score producers on their enviromental impact.

Bx’s platform puts in place the infrastructure for retailers to track farmer’s environmental impact based on their “Bx score”. The more sustainable farming practises in place, the more pricing power the producer has. The Bx score has more than 20 metrics including carbon sequestration, water retention and soil health.

In effect, it allows farmers to be paid to implement environmentally friendly practises which has been the global challenge.

There will also be an ESG score on every food label, in the not too distant future, and Bx intends to have the data that sits behind it.

With aspirations of solving for 1% of the world’s total CO2 emissions, Bx’s mission is socially and environmentally important, and could represent great opportunity for investors.

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