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Sep 6, 2022 | 15:00 BST

  • John Riccitielo
    John Riccitielo Unity Technologies, CEO
  • Luis Visoso
    Luis Visoso Unity Technologies, CFO
Picks & shovels of the metaverse

Unity Technologies provides the tools with which the foundations of the metaverse will likely be built.

It’s software enables the creation of real-time 3D content across multiple verticals which are supported by secular tailwainds such as gaming and AR & VR.

With 3.9bn monthly active users on applications using its tools, it is clear that Unity is already well positioned to lead.

We’re excited to have this opportunity to take our thematic lens to the metaverse and gain a deeper understanding of Unity’s potential at a time when the shares are ~50% off their highs.

Your questions, their answers, all under our roof. 

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