Training Programme

The Gladiator Training Programme will help young adults gain important skills and expertise to help them in a job market where sustainability themes are increasingly important to perspective employers.

Over a one-month period, they will learn how to research thematically, write concisely, and organise articles into coherent narratives, ensuring they leave the programme with a tangible and bespoke body of work.



  • The GTP is a great opportunity for anyone interested in how to structure investment research and use the wider context to tell a story for an investment trend or emerging company. I would definitely recommend the GTP if you are keen to learn more about investing and how to conduct your research into an area that has great potential.
    David Cansfield
  • I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the GTP. Curation is a fantastic research tool which taught me how to tell an immensely detailed story of an emerging trend at a fast pace and in its most simplistic form. I would really recommend this programme to students graduating/graduated who are approaching a tough job market as it allows you to develop a level of expertise in your chosen field.
    Patch Hughes
  • I was able to speak about the Fat Gladiator experience extensively at an interview I had recently at a pension fund, and secured the only place out of 200 applicants - I guess I had the Fat Gladiator Edge.
    Luqman Farook
  • Researching the use of mobile technology in the development field over the past month using the Curation software has provided me with a much greater depth of understanding. The sessions were informative and well run, and I would recommend the experience to anyone looking for an extra edge in the job market!
    Issy Bruce

Sharpen Your skills

  • Differentiated Approach

  • Investor mindset

  • Think thematically

  • Subject expertise

  • Curate content

  • Communicate effectively

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